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Access Arts is the visual arts and education division of Forward Arts. Access includes the Belle Isle Art Exhibit in partnership with City of Detroit's Belle Isle Park department, Scripps Park Art Exhibit in partnership with Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation (WNDC), and exhibits are held in tandem with our 8-10 week youth arts education program in partnership with Wolverine Human Services, Detroit Public Library and YouthVille Detroit. The program also includes the newly developed Detroit Sees project in partnership with WNDC and AmeriCorps.

Started in 2008 by Louis Casinelli, Director of Access Arts Detroit, and a friend of his, Access held its first 2 exhibits at Belle Isle Park in 2009. The exhibits showed a total of 24 projects in different areas of the park. Casinelli, born and raised in the City of Detroit, has a special place in his heart for Belle Isle from an experience as a youth that has had a lasting imprint.

In 2010 two more exciting exhibits were held on the island and an education program was started with Wolverine Human Services, producing two 8-10 week long art labs. 35 Projects were produced for the exhibit with several pieces from students of our art labs. That same year Access Arts moved its operations under the umbrella of Forward Arts.

Two Scripps Park Art Exhibits, four youth art lab sessions, the Detroit Sees Project and a 5th Belle Isle Art Exhibit were all included as part of the program in 2011. Creative’s who took part of the exhibits both at Scripps Park and Belle Isle were funded through various organizations, as were art educators and administrators.

In 2012, Access Arts will continue to provide quality art exhibits, events and education. For more information about Access Arts Detroit please visit, or email


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