Oct. 9th, 2011: We’ve taken stock lately of all the efforts we’ve taken on over the little over a year we’ve been into existence. Thanks again to all the people, organizations and support we’ve had so far. It means the world to us and while at the same time supports our local creative economy.

  • 1: About how many years Forward Arts has been in existence (14 months).
  • 5: Days of Supino Loves The Arts, creating the single busiest week Dave has ever had at the pizzeria. Amazing!
  • 5: Total Belle Isle Art Exhibits over the course of 3 years dating back to 2009.
  • 6: Number of other events and other elements Forward Arts will be adding over the next year!
  • 6: Art education jobs created for our Access Arts program.
  • 17: Number of amazing young professionals and leaders that have helped us this year, including Artist, Educator and Kresge Artist Fellow Cedric Tai, Artist and Teacher at U of M, CCS and Paint Creek Center Andrew Thompson, Artist, Educator, CAMP Director and member of New Leaders Art Council of Michigan Vanessa Miller, co-founder of Bikes & Murder Jason Hall, Director and Founder of Criterium Detroit City Erika Fulk and Dally in the Alley Festival Director Jenny Calhoun, founder of Friends of Scripps Park Michael Spence, President of Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation Brian Shellabarger.
  • 20: Artistic Efforts including Young Lions Detroit at Cliff Bell’s, 2 x Shake Yo! Bacon, 3 x Belle Isle Art Exhibit, 2 x Scripps Park Art Exhibit, Supino Loves the Arts, Scripps Park Project, Headquarters Opening, Art Ride, 6 x 8-10 Week Youth Art Labs, Detroit Sees Project, Matthew Barney’s film and performance project, In Transit concert and Under the Poppy pre-production.
  • 32: Number of press pieces from all the events.
  • 48: How many students have participated in our six 8-10 week Access Arts Youth Art Labs thus far.
  • 51: Paid musician jobs for Matthew Barney, AMAZING film shoot/event.
  • 53: Times we have partnered with other organizations, including City of Detroit, Michigan Council of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Greening of Detroit, Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation, Supino’s Pizzeria, Recycle Here!, Friends of Belle Isle and Detroit Public Library.
  • 54: Weeks of Access Arts Youth Art Labs (51) and Community Photo Workshops.
  • 57: Number of people brought out for the 1rst Scripps Park Clean-Up with WNDC, the largest clean-up the park has ever had according to residents.
  • 58: Paid opportunities created for artists by our programming.
  • 71: Number of individual donors via The Point for the Scripps Park Project.
  • 93: How many opportunities created for artists and/or art projects.
  • 8,991: People reached by our programming. So far.

Note: Some numbers get bigger when you add Access Arts numbers from before 2010.


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